Aerial Mapping Project Manager (AZ)

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Aerial Mapping Project Manager (AZ)

Post by EPSgroupinc24 » Mon Jan 29, 2024 3:08 pm

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Status: Full-time, Exempt

Perks & Benefits
    Health, life, 401(k), dental and vision insurance
      Short-term, long-term disability insurance and leave
        Paid holidays
          Paid Time Off
            Bereavement leave
              Cell phone stipend, if applicable
                Discretionary bonuses, if applicable

                To apply:

                Primary Areas of Focus
                  Project Team Development
                    Team Management
                      Quality Control
                        Support Department Initiatives

                        Core Responsibilities
                          Ability to communicate and coordinate with internal and external clients.
                            Ability to respond to requests, manage man hours and project deadlines.
                              Ability to lead in training and working with leadership on implementing new technologies.
                                Oversee the stereo compilation team with the ability to distribute project workload and manage production.
                                  Daily processing of geospatial data, including evaluating accuracy and sufficiency, and confirming compliance of applicable projects to
                                    industry standards related to aerial mapping products.
                                      General knowledge of photogrammetric principals such as aerial triangulation (AT), bundle adjustments, stereo compilation, camera calibration, and more.
                                        Compilation of mapping features from stereo imagery.
                                          Classification of LiDAR/DSM point clouds.
                                            Compilation of mapping features from LiDAR/DSM point clouds.
                                              Knowledge of data validation and accuracy assessment techniques for quantification and reporting of error in geospatial datasets.
                                                Demonstrated knowledge of geospatial data formats, coordinate systems, and geoprocessing.
                                                  Experience working with raster/image data from a variety of platforms including terrestrial, aerial, and satellite systems.
                                                    Knowledge of raster, point cloud, and 3D data formats (e.g., geotiff, img, sid, jpg, ascii, las, ply) and their properties.
                                                      Experience with the management and use of geocoded and EXIF-tagged digital photos.

                                                      Skills & Experience
                                                        High School Diploma or GED required.
                                                          Minimum of 10 years’ experience with stereo compilation.
                                                            Minimum of 5 years with responsible charge
                                                              Competent in Civil 3D, MicroStation
                                                                Understanding of Aero Triangulation and Soft Copy environments

                                                                Physical Requirements
                                                                  Required to stand, walk, and sit.
                                                                    The position may require a visit to project sites as needed.
                                                                      The position requires a normal range of hearing.
                                                                        The employee must be able to lift 100 occasionally.
                                                                          Requires prolonged sitting with 15% of the time spent bending and reaching.
                                                                            Must have manual dexterity sufficient to operate a computer keyboard and calculator.
                                                                              Noise levels are consistent with a standard office environment.

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